Cost-Effective AUTO-ID Mobile Computer Technology For Industrial Business

The rapid movement in various industrial areas has forced companies to digitalize, which increases productivity and competitiveness. By implementing appropriate technology, companies can increase their operational cost efficiency and productivity significantly.

Technology that can support the above statement is ‘Automatic Identification and Data Capture’ (AIDC) technology or abbreviated as Auto-ID. One of these technologies is the Mobile Computer/Handheld Computer/Portable Computer, which is a wireless communication product solution that can help workers, both indoors and outdoors, to exchange business information in real-time, whenever and wherever needed.

If you are considering implementing this technology, Zebra Technologies provides the Zebra MC2200 to accommodate your needs. Zebra MC2200 has superior business features and can guarantee smooth connectivity to WiFi, making it highly reliable in the industrial world. This technology will help your workers capture and access the data they need so they can act faster and more efficiently. The rugged and firm design makes the Zebra MC2200 reliable in extreme situations. This product is equipped with a touch screen and keypad to provide greater flexibility. In addition, this product is also equipped with the Android 11 platform which can be upgraded to Android 14. With an IP65 rating, this mobile computer is dust-resistant, water-resistant, and impact-resistant, making it very suitable for workers in the field.

To support the performance of the MC2200, Zebra Technologies also provides the Zebra ZT411 industrial label printer with direct thermal printing technology (without ribbon) and thermal transfer (using ribbon). This printer is capable of printing 14″ (356 mm/second) labels with 512MB FLASH ROM memory (64MB user Available) and 64MB RAM (8MB user available). This printer is also equipped with a 4.3-inch color touch screen, making it easy to use for printing.

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