PT Lion Super Indo

“We have been having a great partnership with ACS Group since 1999. For more than 20 years we have spent together we accomplished a lot of projects such as store and warehouse wireless project, store and warehouse AIDC project, wireless office project, and E-commerce warehouse project. ACS Group successfully made our business process way easier and smoother than before, our stores opening, and go-live warehouse nearly hit the target, along with best technical support. The best part is that our company could completely trust their team with their effectiveness, skilled communicator, extraordinary initiative, and approach. Salute to ACS Group!”


Antonius Pratama

Head of IT Operation Services

PT Lion Super Indo

Siloam International Hospitals

“It is amazing how ACS Group could make our business progress easier without changing our habit and culture. There’s no way we could manage our smartphone devices for our nurses and doctors in the hospitals without them showing and suggesting us to use the device and knox they offered. The smartphone device made our business process more secure and controllable. We applied this progress to all the Siloam Hospitals in the country. What a great partnership we had with the friendly, the approachable, and the knowledgeable ACS Group.” (Jakarta, 2022)


Jajar Gantara

IT Strategic Department Head

Siloam International Hospitals

PT. Ceva Logistik Indonesia

“ACS Group is a great company that strives hard to maintain high standards of quality, performance, product knowledge and communication. It was not easy to find a vendor that is able to do the exploration and support towards hardware (RF), regarding compatibility with the system and application that has been used in the warehouse operation system. ACS Group offered their windows and android devices, which were suitable for our needs, in-order to go along with our existing application in term of warehouse management system. By having said that, it made us work faster, easier to get the accurate result. We love how knowledge-able, helpful, and friendly the team is.” (Jakarta, 2022)


Aditia Prayudhi

Procurement Supervisor

Ceva Logistik Indonesia

PT Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia

ACS Group is a great company that strives hard to maintain high standards of quality, performance, product knowledge, and communication. We had plan to replaced our spare parts from the previous brand, and ACS Group suggested and advised to use their products, which are barcode scanners, mobile computing, printer barcode, and RFID. And by having said that, it made us work faster and getting the accurate result. We love how knowledge-able, helpful, and friendly the team is.” (Jakarta, 2022)


Sigit Febryanto

SH General Procurement Department

PT Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia

PT Dua Putra Perkasa

“We just wanted to share a quick note and let people know that ACS Group definitely did a really great job. We’re glad we decided to work with you and to be your loyal customer. Our warehouse management system was done manually before, the transaction took longer, and it was such a hassle, but ACS Group helped us to solve it, providing us an automation with barcode system, mobile terminal, and wireless LAN access points. It really has been saving us so much time and a lot of improvement in our warehouse operation regards the effectiveness and efficiency. ACS Group is really a top-notch IT Company in the country!” (Bekasi, 2022)


Edi Kartawijaya

IT Manager

PT Dua Putra Perkasa (Cold Storage)

PT Asahimas Flat Glass Tbk

Asahimas Logo

“We wanted an actual precise result for our barcode scanner, regarding that we developed a great partnership with ACS Group in terms of WIP – RFID Solution and Cordless Barcode Scanner project. What a blessing it is to found ACS Group, literally the best solution provider I have ever found for our business process.”  (Surabaya, 2022)

Eddy Slamet, M.I.S Department

PT Asahimas Flat Glass Tbk

PT Ritel Bersama Nasional (JD.ID)

“During the development of the company ACS Group has a lot of help to facilitate the technology required to achieve efficient and effective work. Thank you for being reliable and working as a team to provide several kinds of gadgets such as mobile computers, barcode scanners, and printers; hence, JD.ID can increase operational productivity. We hope that ACS Group can be more successful in the future.” (Bekasi, 2022)

Ayu Inggriani, Planning and Design Specialist

PT Ritel Bersama Nasional (JD.ID) 

PT Suzuki Indomobil Motor

“We have been working together with ACS Group for 15 years since 2008 because their solutions meet our company’s needs. As an international and huge company, we have a lot of warehouses and stocks, by having said that, we needed tools that could help us to monitor our spare part progress and status, as well as our car units and/or stocks. As a solution provider, ACS Group solved our issue with their products that consisted mobile computing and wireless infrastructure in order to make our job easier than before. ACS Group has been a very supportive partner and the employees have been super available in times of needs, if there is even a little glitch, they are always ready to be in hands to maintain. Great products, great qualities, great ACS Group!” (Jakarta, 2022)

Nehru Hadil Ulum, IT Deputy General Manager

PT. Suzuki Indomobil Motor

PT Global Jet Cargo (J&T Cargo)


ACS group always give the best support, we’ve worked together these 5 years and I personally think ACS group offer a really good service, not only to our headquarters but also to our branches all over Indonesia. We’re currently using the printer and mobile computer that ACS Group suggested, which specific products suit really well for a logistic company like J&T. One thing that we’re totally happy about is that ACS Group can always keep up and try to fulfill the needs of J&T, even in such short notice, ACS Group always do their best to deliver on time and manage to handle the aftersales as well. Thanks and keep up the great work, ACS Group!” (Jakarta, 2022)

Cindy Djunaidi, Purchasing Manager

PT Global Jet Cargo (J&T Cargo)

PT. Nissan Motor Distributor Indonesia

ACS Group provides excellent services and after-sales support and services to us. Overall, we’ve been very happy to work with ACS Group especially with the accuracy of support and solutions are given for our changing requirements. We have received very high-quality products and services from ACS Group, especially in terms of Wireless Mobile Computing in our Warehouse Management System. We hope to keep working with ACS Group and continue our success story together in the future.” (Jakarta, 2021)

Valensius Nesco Ali

IS/IT Officer, IS/IT Section Head, PT. Nissan Motor Distributor Indonesia