ACS Group: Implementation of AIDC until it can be utilized on the Cloud Platform

Jakarta, Jan 2023 – ACS Group took part in the event which was again held by Alibaba Cloud Indonesia with the theme “Tech for Innovation 2023 Alibaba Cloud Developer Summit”. This event was held on Tuesday, January 10 2023 which was held at The Ritz – Carlton Hotel, Pacific Place, Jakarta.

As in previous years, this event was held to support technological progress. Currently, Alibaba Cloud has launched an international-scale Apsara developer community known as the Apsara Developer Community. This community was formed as a link to help and support developers around the world as well as to facilitate the advancement of the digital economy.

Participants, who were mostly attended by IT developers from various companies and students from various universities, paid close attention to what was conveyed by the founder of Alibaba Cloud, Dr. Wang Jian, by highlighting that 1 Watt in this era of digitalization is the same as 10 Watt in the previous era of electrification.

ACS Group fills the session “Revolution of Traditional Business Becomes Smart Business in Indonesia” where this discussion highlights the steps and challenges of non-digital business organizations in adopting the latest technology and how cloud computing can be the solution. The panel is led by Alfiandita Fortunella (Business Development Manager – Alibaba Cloud Indonesia) and presents Ryandika Putra (Technical Sales Specialist Cloud Stream – Blue Power Technology), Johansen (Senior Manager Technical Services and Support – Global Infotech Solution), and Ken Looho (Cloud & Cyber Security Product Manager – ACS Group)

Major advances and alternatives to cloud computing provide many alternatives on the IT DevOps side to handle a more effective transition to sustainable development without hampering business processes. Selection of the right Managed Service Provider is also an important factor in this process, enabling companies to focus on the critical elements of their business continuity.

ACS Group emphasizes the importance of Managed Service Providers understanding the detailed business processes of end-users so they can recommend appropriate technology solutions.

“Implementation of AIDC so that it can be utilized on a cloud platform needs to pay attention to existing business processes and infrastructure and is specific to each customer,” he explained in a panelist discussion at the Alibaba Cloud Developer Summit in Jakarta, Tuesday (10/1).

To close the session, each panelist expressed what non-digital businesses can expect in future developments, and how to achieve a smoother transition.